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Global Mission Partner 

7/3/13 9:19 PM 

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Global Mission Partner E S s 

Congratulations to Southeast Conference for Becoming a Global Mission Partner 
The Southeast Conference has received a letter of thanks from Cally Rogers- 
Witte and Jan Aerie of Global Ministries thanking us for our action of voting to become 
a Global Mission Partner Conference. 


Resolution to Become a 
Global Missions Conference 
Adopted at Annual Meeting 

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them 

in the name of the Father, 

and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. " - Matthew 28:19 

At the 45^^ Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference on 6/1 1/1 1 , in Atlanta, GA, 
the body adopted the resolution to become a Global Mission Conference. 

What does this mean? 

It means that the Southeast Conference 
commits to an action plan where it... 

1. PRAYS regularly for partners, 
missionaries and the world; 

2. EDUCATES its members about 
global issues from preschool age to 

3. SEEKS JUSTICE for the "least of these" in the international community; 

4. RECEIVES the gifts of the global church; 

5. GIVES to the work of global mission; 

6. SENDS its members into the world to share the Good News of Jesus; 

7. GROWS in sharing the story of God's mission with others; and 

8. IMPLEMENTS this resolution through a body appointed by and accountable to 


LIVES V \ > 




-_■ _. 


Southeast Conference 


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Church of Christ 

Clergy health care resolution 
approved by Synod delegates 
Delegates to General Synod 28 
restored the vigor of the 
resolution "Affirming Healthcare 
Coverage for UCC Authorized 
Ministers and Their Families." 
The amended resolution passed 
with 81 percent of the vote. 




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Global Mission Partner 

7/3/13 9:19 PM 

ine ijtu Boara ot uireciors. 

Since 1996, the United Clnurcii of Ciirist lias joined witii tine Cinristian Ciiurcii (Disciples 
of Christ) to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world via Common 
Global Ministries. We continue to support 270 partners in 68 countries as they recover 
from disasters, heal the sick, educate their children, and prepare for ministry. 

However, we never go 
into a country to change 
the culture, to 
Americanize, or to 
"civilize". As 
Conference Minister 
Tim Downs said at the 
Annual Meeting, we go 
in to "partner rather than 
to proselytize." We 
seek to support 
ministers - lay, licensed 
and ordained - as they 
meet needs within their 

own culture in whatever way that Holy Spirit calls them. 

In the same way, we accept the spiritual gifts that other cultures have to offer us. Right 
here in the U.S., we have received gifts of our global partners as we recovered from 
Hurricane Katrina, Midwest floods and Southeast tornadoes. We have received 
messages of encouragement and assurance of the love of our brothers and sisters in 
Christ, as well as volunteer and financial assistance. 

Associate Conference Minister Kathy Clark and Wider Church Ministries Board 
member Marcia Bentley researched and prepared the resolution for submission. After 
having been signed by our Conference Minister and Conference Moderator Ginny 
Nixon, the resolution was submitted to Jan Aerie, Executive for Mission Education and 

Interpretation, in the national UCC office in 

To see the entire resolution, 

visit the following link on the Conference 


Local congregations are urged to take on 
this commitment as well. 
Visit Global Ministries website for further 
information about becoming a Global 
Mission Church. 

Photos on this page represent - 
1) President of Yanjing Seminary, Dr.Gao 
Ying, with Dr. Xiaoling Zhu, East Asia 
Secretary for Global Ministries. Yanjing 
Seminary recieves generous support from 
the UCC (right). 

2) A church in China in Henan Province which is a partner in mission through Global 
Ministries, (left) 

Our commitment to Global Ministries - through our contributions to OCWM and OGHS, 
as well as the gifts of our own time, talents and love - will show the world that we in the 
UCC strive to live out the answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17:20 - "that they may all be 

- speech given by Marcia Bentley at the SEC 201 1 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. 


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Global Mission Partner 

7/3/13 9:19 PM 

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